Boxsmart Meaning: To act strategically when faced with adversity so that you gain an advantage. 

We often receive messages asking how we started this brand and how it all came about.. & honestly I wish I had a more compelling story than the one I’m about to give.

I officially founded Boxsmart in 2022, however the idea was conceptualised a couple years prior whilst watching the sun come down at Blue Marlin in Ibiza after many days without sleep. I remember vividly having my eyes shut and having a ‘’light bulb’ moment where both of my passions at the time -Boxing and Clean fitted clothes combined to make the name - Boxsmart. I instantly wrote this into my notes and had a new obsession.

The vision has always been the same, creating clean aesthetics that provide a complimentary fit.

As fate would have it, not long after putting pen to paper I would then go through the most challenging period of my adult life for a few years which unfortunately meant I couldn’t give the Brand my full focus - But we’ll fast forward this part of the story

Although I did not work on Boxsmart 100% I did always keep it close to my chest knowing one day I would. During this period, I ordered stock that never turned up, ordered stock I didn’t need and fell out with suppliers who didn’t keep their word - But I never gave up. 

Our first real successful product was our windbreaker collection, it’s something until today I am extremely proud of. The quality of these jackets for the price is second to none and I knew I was onto a winner when I was wearing mine all the time in public - Something I hadn't done before with my previous products (The quality was finally something I was proud of)

The price point of clothes has always been something that I’ve never really understood, people will pay £500 for a T-shirt with a certain name on it but take little consideration for the actual fit of the product - Which in our opinion is what makes you feel good and look good!

We have a long way to go as a brand but we are chasing our purpose and we are growing a like minded audience which we believe can manifest anything they f*****g want.

There's no way we are stopping until we get to the top, we love this journey too much and thank you all for your support from day one.

Elliott, Boxsmart Clo.