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I started Boxsmart because the sport of Boxing has always inspired me, not for the glory, but because of it's ability to showcase the power of the human spirit. Accompanying this, I always enjoyed wearing high end sportswear that made me feel smartly dressed. The problem? It was always overpriced. One day, whilst I watched the sunset in Ibiza I had the idea to merge these two passions and Boxsmart was born. I believe boxing is a great metaphor for life but this is bigger than one sport.

Our aim is to use Boxsmart as a vessel to inspire anyone to go after their dreams no matter how many times they get knocked down. This story began in my bedroom with no investment and zero experience but despite every setback we now take on one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Designed in England, every garment is intended to prioritise luxury. Our collections are meticulously crafted with carefully picked fabrics and designed with individuality with the intention to disrupt the luxury sportswear market.

Our designs refer to a lifestyle, those who share this lifestyle will be able to identify with this ethos.

Regards, Elliott